by Constanze Bohg

Life of an introvert during a “pandemic”.

I’m sitting in my “second living room”. It’s cold, I can see my breath. There’s snow to my left and my right. My hands are hidden in gloves. Sounds not so cozy? Depends. Actually, I’m sitting on a hunting blind in the middle of the woods.

It is here that I can think uninterruptedly, have a clear vision and fresh air. And what’s most important: no signal. My phone can’t ring or beep and what’s even better I can’t be tempted to get lost in the world wide web or messenger apps.

Blessing in disguise

You see, the reason I flee to the forest is simple: I am alone and no one knows where I am. Solitude and Silence are two of the most exquisit nouns to describe the bliss I experience when sitting on this wooden high chair.

Forest girl 2020

Ever since the lockdown of March 2020 my beloved husband has been working from home 100 %. It’s become a blessing, yes. In hindsight. At the same time it continually presents the challenge of finding serenity and the luxury of being by myself. By that I literally mean physically alone.

And that’s why I’m sitting between these hundreds of tall old trees. They help me to let go. To calm down. To be one with the Creator of heaven and earth.

Smart (phone) habit

We did go on our two weeks summer vacation this year. And it’s a tradition that during these two weeks we put our phones in flight mode and only check for urgent messages every now and then. I love how I feel free without always having the phone in my pocket.

This year, for the first time, I chose to continue this habit that has done me and my family so well. To this day I’m restricting the use of my cell phone with the help of “screen time” monitoring. That’s why today’s title is called “unplugged”. That’s why I’m sitting in the woods with zero reception. Sounds banal? Hm. Let’s see.

Matter of the heart

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 2020 then it’s this. The scripture in Proverbs 4, 23 is real.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Proverbs 4,23 (NIV)

At the beginning of the whole “COVID era” I closely followed the news, talked to a bunch of people and tried to stay on top of everything that was unfolding. Little did I know that I was on a fast track to sacrificing peace and my sound mind.

You see, all the devil wants is to steal, kill and destroy whatever he can in your life. And if he’s after one thing then it’s your peace of mind. That’s no news. Fear is not just an unnerving feeling, fear is a spirit and we are not to let it “be given” to us. God doesn’t give fear – the opposite! He gives us a spirit that gives us power and love and a sound mind. (from 2 Timothy 1,7)

Google News or The Good News?

So how do you find out if it’s time to unplug? I’ve shared in another recent post about peace of mind including a “treasure hunt map”. The bible does say we are to seek and pursue peace (Psalms 34,14). And there are so many fine sermons out there regarding this topic. I listened to one just yesterday. I had listened to it at least three times – and I needed it a fourth time. It helps me to renew my mind.

I’ll be honest – way too often I do get tangled into the panic and fear and web of lies that the enemy diligently weaves out there. And when I start a walk through the fields or into the forest and I sense that I have no clarity but only confusion in my mind, then I know it’s high time to unplug from the phone and run to the Throne of God and His Word.

I love how Bill Johnson states this issue:

If you have more input from social & mainstream media than from the Word of God then your discouragement is self-inflicted. You are responsible. You cannot have a garden and have a key to the gate and invite the enemy to come in and plant weeds and then moan to God about it. (…) You have to take ownership of the gate to your own heart.”

Bill Johnson in “The promise of peace”

Digital Detox

So take ownership today. You control and decide what you are consuming and letting into your heart, ears and eyes. It will make all the difference. Not just for your own well-being. How you handle yourself will rub off on the ones around you. My husband as well as my children have happily confirmed that I’m much more relaxed and fun to be around when I’ve had my “time out(side) with Jesus”.

On a side note, yes, I have deleted my instagram accounts. For several reasons which can be summed up in two words: Digital Detox. I had sacrificed so much time for being on the phone that it scares me looking back. I know we all have to give an account one day for how we used these few years we lived on this earth. Check out this short video for further illustration:

Francis Chan – Rope Illustration

This has provoked and convicted me often. Paired with “Look, mommy, look. Looooooook, mooooooooooom!” many times a day and a dream that my daughter recently had I made a decision. I chose to transfer my beloved concept of minimalism to the use of digital devices. It has freed me in so many ways. I love it. And I don’t miss a thing.

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